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Live Paintings

A birthday, wedding, company jubilee or a reunion with your fellow students. These are all special and joyful events in our lives, to which we often think back with pleasure.
In the course of such an event, Pavel Sizov will make an elegant and contemporary artwork on which you and your family, friends, colleagues or acquaintances will be laid down for eternity.

Pavel's live-paintings are praised in the Elsevier Thema Luxe Magazine (May 2008):

"The pleasure people are having together, must be instantly visible to the viewer. Sizov is able to tranform the joy and the warmth of the company into delicate ocher and flaming red, into azure and sunflower yellow."

"Whoever looks at Pavel's paintings, regrets for not having attended the party."



oil on canvas 120 x 100

© Pavel Sizov all rights reserved